Here is a list of our Kindergarten Build Your Word Bank words that we will learn this year. We review these words every day and they are listed on our word wall.

We are working so hard on mastering our vowel sounds. Vowel Bat is a great song to listen to to practice those vowel sounds.

Vowel Bat Song

Please practice those letter sounds! We are beginning to tap, sound, and stretch out words, and we are reading sentences with more unfamiliar words in them. We love listening to See It, Say It, Sign It on Youtube by Jack Hartman (any of his other letter sound videos are great too!) to practice our letter identification and sounds.

Sight Words

You can access Wonders by clicking the logo above or copying and pasting the link into your browser, select Miss Rose and find your student then enter their password.

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Working on fine motor skills at home is a great way to strengthen skills. Let your child practice using scissors, holding a pencil correctly, tracing lines, tracing letters and numbers, playing with play dough (have them make letters or numbers with the Play dough), putting beads on pipe cleaners. Developing these fine motor skills are essential in Kindergarten.