Week of September 18

Friday flex day was a great success!

First, we learned about the background for the International Day of Peace. Then we explored how peace can start right here in school and at home. Students made peace pinwheels and peace labels which will soon be visible on the bushes outside of the school building.

Then the students worked on the “big question” : What materials and engineering design would help save lives in homes subjected to tornado force winds? The question arose from studying the make-up of tornadoes and the roles that storm chasers play. Students had to work together in teams of 4. Every student was involved, contributed ideas and opinions, tested their theories, and revised when the structures didn’t work they way they wanted. On Monday we will test their structures with a great force of wind. I can’t wait to see the results!


Monday – Spelling Test Lesson 3

Tuesday – Religion Ch. 1

This week’s Specials Schedule

Monday – Day 5 – Computers

Tuesday – Day 1 – Library and Gym Day

Wednesday – Day 2 – Art

Thursday – Day 3 – Music

Friday – Flex Day

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