Week of October 2, 2017

What’s Going on With Flex Days?

We’ve had 3 flex days so far and soooo much wonderful, positive, higher level thinking, and fun has been taking place.

Students have:

*been learning about the growth mindset process

*explored and celebrated International Peace Day

*participated in Zumba

*been learning about the design cycle

*participated in team building activities

*designed, tested, and even redesigned their own tornado shelters

*designed, presented, and redesigned “fish traps” to help capture and control a soon-to-be invasive species to the Great Lakes (Asian Silver Carp)

*been designing in Art before and after landscapes of natural disasters

*attended weekly masses


Upcoming Tests

Spelling test Lesson 5 will be on Wednesday

Reading: Genre definition quiz on Thursday (they will be given this information on Monday)

Religion: Ch. 2 test on Thursday (students made flashcards last week to help them study for this)

This Week’s Schedule

Monday – Day 3 (Music)

Tuesday – Day 4 (Health/Gym)

Wednesday – Day 5 (Computers)

Thursday – Day 1 (Library/Gym)

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