Week of February 5, 2018

We had a great conclusion to Catholic Schools Week!

The students participated in various activities such as the NED show, family photos, and honored veterans. Thank you parents for a great teacher appreciation day and for the many letters of support. I am so grateful to be a part of the St. Joseph family!

Human Rights PBL

On Friday, the class presented their research on human rights and human rights violations in various countries. Some of the countries presented were Chad, Afghanistan, the Republic of Congo, Syria, Venezuela, and Mynamar. I was really truly pleased with the passion and enthusiasm in which the students presented.

Solar/Lunar Eclipse Demonstrations

In Science, the class has been working hard on researching solar and lunar eclipses. This week, they will be demonstrating an eclipse using either with props, a keynote presentation, or through an imovie.

Refill Supplies

Please make sure that your child has pens, pencils, and loose leaf paper for class. Many students have been borrowing from my “extra” supply and it is now dwindling.

Also, if anyone can spare a box of tissues for the classroom it would be appreciated.

Upcoming Tests

Monday – Lesson 16 Spelling Test

Tuesday – English quiz on comma usage and helping verbs

Thursday – Social Studies ch. 4 test (see resources for the link to the review game)


Monday – Day 5 – Computers

Tuesday – Day 1 – Library/PE

Wednesday – Day 2 – Art

Thursday – Day 3 – Music

Friday – Flex Day

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