Week of September 10, 2018

Design Challenge

On Friday, the students were assigned a design challenge. They were required to brainstorm ways in which they can build a 3D letter “C” that would be part of the words “MAKER SPACE”. These letters would then hang in the new maker space room. The challenge? Every class must build the letter out of different materials, the letter is to be of a certain size, every aspect of the letter must be student made, and it should have the ability to hang on the wall.

What to expect this week:

*MAP testing Monday through Thursday. Please make sure your child arrives to school on time and eats a healthy breakfast.

*Religion Ch. 1 test (open book) on Tuesday

*Maniac Magee Book in a box due on Wednesday

*First Spelling word list will be given on Wednesday

Specials Schedule

Monday Day 4: Library

Tuesday Day 5: Art

Wednesday Day 1: Music

Thursday Day 2: Health and Phys. Ed.

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