Week of October 22, 2018

Design Challenge!

In social studies the students have been learning about the geologic features of the Earth. This week’s challenge was to try to design a structure that could withstand the force of an earthquake. The students used toothpicks and marshmallows for the structure. The jello simulated the consistency of the Earth’s movements while the pan was shaken for 5 minutes. One group was actually successful on their first try! Other groups had to try more than once and redesign their structure based on what they observed.  In the end students had to explain their decision making processes and the geometric design that was most successful for them.

Last week of the grading period!

Please be sure that all missing work is returned to me by the end of the school day on Friday!

Field Trip

Thursday is our STEM field trip to the aquarium. Don’t forget to pack a disposable lunch! Also, students are to wear their uniforms on that day.

Upcoming Tests

Wednesday – Spelling, Reading, Social Studies short quiz

This weeks schedule

Monday – Day 3 – STEM

Tuesday – Day 4 – Library

Wednesday – Day 5 – Art

Thursday – Day 1 – Music (will be held on Friday due to the field trip on this day)

Friday – Flex day


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