Week of January 28, 2019

It’s Catholic Schools Week! There is a lot planned for this week and I can’t wait to post and share images with you from it.

What’s going on?

* students have been working on their PBL on how to best inform, teach, and persuade others to help fight hunger around the world.

* students will soon be finishing their biome projects. The object of this project is to persuade “board members” from a travel agency as to why they should include their biome as a good place to visit. Soon they will make their presentations to these “board members” who will critique their work.

* In Science we will be leaving “Life Science” to begin studying about the universe.

Upcoming tests:

Wednesday: Ch. 7 religion test (open book)

Thursday: Reading assessment, Spelling test


Monday: Day 2 – Health and P.E.

Tuesday: Day 3 – STEM

Wednesday: Day 4 – Library

Thursday: Day 5 – Art

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