Dash and grade 1

First grade began working with Dash, the robot. This week learned that in order to make Dash move or make sounds, they needed to give those directions to the robot. They practiced this using the Wonder app, Go. Next week, in STEM lab, they will learn to code using the Blockly app.


Percent Error lab STEM lab activity-grade 7

The 7th graders practiced using their knowledge of percent errors and design thinking to build “scoops” for various foods. The goal was to build a scope that held a serving size of each snack with in 20% of the size listed on the package. If they were successful, the students could eat that snack. If they were not successful, the students returned to the work space, redesigned their scoop, and tried again.                          

Grade 4 and Dash Make a Great Team

In STEM lab, the fourth graders worked collaboratively to build basketball hoops that met the constraints given.  They then coded Dash to launch a ball at the hoop and score a basket.  Once they determined where Dash and the hoop needed to be to be successful, they coded some “trick” moves.  One group had Dash “dribble” forward, turn 360 degrees, and then shoot.  Of course Dash scored 2 points!

Christmas Cookies

                  Eight grade practiced their measurement skills in STEM lab.  They followed a recipe for sugar cookies, but used non standard measuring cups to do so.  This required the use of a scale and other calculations to make sure the correct amount of each ingredient was added.  The cookies were decorated later in the week.



Helping Santa

Santa is worried the noise from the bells on his sleigh will wake up the children when he delivers his presents.  So, he enlisted the help of first grade in STEM lab.  The acted as engineers and using only newspaper, tissue paper, tinsel, and tape were able to soften the noise a jingle bell makes.


Parents to STEM lab

This week, parents were invited to attend STEM lab with their students.  They practiced the Design Cycle and Engineering Habits of Mind with their children. The kindergarten and firs grade classes built 3D cornucopias as well as fruits and vegetables using only paper, tape, and staplers.  The used the completed items to make a game they could all play.  Second grade build 3D models of something they were thankful for.  Many build models of family members.  Third grade built Thanksgiving tables that supported the weight of a can of soup, also only using paper and tape.  Our fourth graders designed course using blocks for Dash, the robot to travel through.  They then coded Dash to navigate the course using the Blockly app.  Fifth grade designed balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade using items from the Makerspace and one balloon.  The sixth and eighth grade researched some games Pilgrim children played and built examples of them using items from the Makerspace.  Seventh grade built their own versions of the Trojan horse.  They designed and built an animal that has a secret compartment and was on wheels.


Inertia -grade 8

The 8th graders have been learning about Newton’s Laws in their Science class.  In STEM lab this week they used what they learned to pull index cards from between blocks and cups applying these laws.



Second Graders and Dash

This week, second grade navigated Dash to locations in the Makerspace of their choosing using the Blockly app.


Kindergarten Halloween STEM labs

Kindergarten participated in two Halloween themed STEM labs this month.  On was to design a web for a spider using only one paper plate, yarn, and one piece of tape.


Another design challenge was to work collaboratively to build a mummy using only newspaper, toilet paper, and tape.

Pumpkin Elevators

Grades 4, 5, and 6 worked collaboratively on a design challenge where they were built an elevator that could raise a pumpkin from the floor to the top of the table.  Several groups built designs that had a car move up the elevator shaft.  Another design used a drag system one student had seen on a fishing pole.  Many of the fifth grade project included a crank to operate the elevator.  The final products were quite impressive.