7th grade STEM Lab

The 7th graders have been working collaboratively on a series of design challenges.  Pictured here are the results of the net building challenge.  The net need to be able to hold at least 2 fish, have a handle that was six inches long, and wouldn’t hold water when used.



The kindergarten class learned about the Engineering Habit of Mind, resourcefulness, this week in STEM lab.  The define it as not wasting the stuff you have for your projects and recycling things you have to use in a new way.  They then used some of the materials in the makerspace in different ways.  They collaboratively designed an built puppets.  Some students used buttons for eyes or mouths and toilet paper tubes for puppet bodies.  Q-tips became arms and legs, and bottle caps became feet.  The students were very creative in using the materials given to them to bring their puppets to life.



4th Grade Valentine’s Day Design Challenge

In STEM lab, the 4th graders learned to make origami frogs.  These frogs were then used in a design challenge.  The students designed and build a device to attach to the frog’s back to carry a valentine (candy heart) across the pond.  The device could had a height constraint and could not have a lid to keep the valentine from falling out while hopping.

Music in STEM Lab

After learning in music class how to write and read the letters B, A, and G, the third graders came to STEM lab and collaboratively composed their own songs using the Xylo app.  They then coded Dash to play that song on his xylophone while moving and turning around the room.

Kindergarten is RESILIENT

Kindergarten has been practicing the Engineering Habits of Mind.  So far, they know about collaboration, being open-minded, and curiosity.  This week the learned all about being resilient, and not giving up if things are hard!  They practiced this skill alone, by solving a Tangram puzzle, with partners by solving a Sudoku puzzle, and as a whole group by passing a hula hoop around a circle without unclasping their neighbors hands.



Simple Machines

Grades 1 and 2 learned about simple machines in their classes. To apply what they learned, they collaboratively designed and built ramps that would help a car travel the farthest.


Dash and grade 1

First grade began working with Dash, the robot. This week learned that in order to make Dash move or make sounds, they needed to give those directions to the robot. They practiced this using the Wonder app, Go. Next week, in STEM lab, they will learn to code using the Blockly app.


Percent Error lab STEM lab activity-grade 7

The 7th graders practiced using their knowledge of percent errors and design thinking to build “scoops” for various foods. The goal was to build a scope that held a serving size of each snack with in 20% of the size listed on the package. If they were successful, the students could eat that snack. If they were not successful, the students returned to the work space, redesigned their scoop, and tried again.                          

Grade 4 and Dash Make a Great Team

In STEM lab, the fourth graders worked collaboratively to build basketball hoops that met the constraints given.  They then coded Dash to launch a ball at the hoop and score a basket.  Once they determined where Dash and the hoop needed to be to be successful, they coded some “trick” moves.  One group had Dash “dribble” forward, turn 360 degrees, and then shoot.  Of course Dash scored 2 points!

Christmas Cookies

                  Eight grade practiced their measurement skills in STEM lab.  They followed a recipe for sugar cookies, but used non standard measuring cups to do so.  This required the use of a scale and other calculations to make sure the correct amount of each ingredient was added.  The cookies were decorated later in the week.